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3 Steps to Translating Your Skills

3 Steps to Translating Your Skills Into a Growing Post-Pandemic Career


If you’ve lost your job due to the coronavirus crisis, are ready for a career change, or you’re looking to use your hard and soft skills to transition into growing industries like e-learning, collaboration technology, or healthcare, this three-step guide will help to expand your knowledge base and improve your chances of landing a rewarding job post-pandemic. Read on for some tips and resources on boosting your skill set, becoming an effective leader, and finding the right career opportunity during a highly competitive post-coronavirus job market. 


1. Boost Your Skill Set


As you get ready to explore new career opportunities within thriving industries such as robotics, e-commerce, and remote learning, it’s important to learn desirable new skills that will help you to stand out from other post-pandemic job seekers. These tips will help you to do it!

  • Master in-demand skills to beat the competition in a post-pandemic job market. Post-coronavirus, employers will look for emotionally aware applicants with skills in artificial intelligence, problem solving, data analytics, and digital marketing. 

  • Complete these five steps to improve your personal and professional skills from home. Identify the skills you’d like to develop or improve on, complete an online course through a learning platform, and reach out to your professional network for some guidance and insight. 

  • Advance your career and build your knowledge base through career-boosting podcasts Whether you’re shifting gears into a new field or revamping your entrepreneurial interests, well-chosen podcasts can provide excellent guidance in short, engaging sessions. 


2. Become an Effective Leader


In a post-pandemic world, businesses will need strong, effective leaders in order to achieve success — especially as more companies transition to fully remote workplaces. To become the great leader that employers will be searching for, review these resources. 

  • Enroll in one of the many online business degrees at Western Governors University (WGU). With a business degree, you’ll become a better leader, team player, and strategic thinker. 

  • Obtain a professional certificate in leadership training. Some certificate programs are offered online and can be obtained without completing a full degree program.

  • Join West Jordan Chamber of Commerce for access to online job postings, networking opportunities, leadership development programs, and various educational events. 


3. Find the Right Job


After growing your skill set and taking steps to become a better, stronger leader, it’s time to translate your career skills into a growing new industry. Here’s how to make it happen! 

  • Begin your post-pandemic job search by practicing video interviews in advance and updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. Keep in mind that hiring could take longer than usual in a post-pandemic world — and it’s important to remain patient. 

  • Learn how to translate your skills and accomplishments into a new career with these tips from HubSpot.  

  • Use your resume and cover letter to highlight your transferable skills, whether it’s the ability to manage your time, communicate with others, use technical programs, and/or lead others. 


Once you’ve completed these three steps, you’ll be on your way to translating your hard and soft skills into a rewarding new career. The post-pandemic job market will be highly competitive, but your employment search will be more likely to pay off if you take the time to learn new skills and strengthen your existing ones.